Organic Black Tea

Our organic black teas are chosen for their balanced profiles. And because they are just stunningly delicious.

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Organic Green Tea

We source loose leaf organic green teas from across China - from Jiangxi in the east to Hunan and Hubei in central China. 

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Organic White Teas

Least processed of all our teas, white teas are not oxidized, but no less delicious than any other. High in antioxidants, high in class, these teas are a joy to drink.

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Organic Oolong Teas

Little Red Cup Tea now has four amazing Oolong Teas on offer. Two of these fabulous teas are from the remote, mountainous, regions of Hubei Province:Jade Oolong andDa Hong Pao.

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Organic Yellow Tea

A special tea from Hunan - yellow teas fall somewhere between a green and a black.

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Organic Pu'er Tea

Our Organic Shou Pu'er Tea  is grown and produced by members of the Wa minority in Lincang, Yunnan — about as close to the birthplace of tea as it's possible to get.

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Organic Herbal Tea

Organic Herbal Tea

We offer premium organic Camelia Flowers, the flowers of the tea plant itself. 

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Why Organic Tea?

In ecological terms, buying organic tea just makes sense. Personally, we have very little interest in steeping chemical pesticides with our tea — but it's more than that: organic tea is better for the land, and better for the farmers and processors too.

Every tea we sell is certified organic, and imported under the USDA organic seal. We ourselves are certified and audited annually by MOFGA.

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