Collection: Organic Green Tea

We source organic green teas from across China - from Jiangxi in the east to Hunan and Hubei in central China.  Organic Geen Eyebrow is completely the embodiment of Green Tea — redolent of fields and meadows and newly mown hay.

This is the strongest of the three teas from Jiangxi Province we offer. From the same area comes our Organic Jasmine Green Tea made in the traditional Chinese way to produce a distinctive but not overpowering true jasmine flavor. And just down the road are the fields covered with the tea plants from which we source our Organic Gunpowder Green Tea, overlaying the classic notes of meadow and hay with a mild but distinct smokiness.

On the milder side we offer the deliciously vegetal and buttery mountain grown, Organic Yu Lu Green Tea from Hubei Province, and our Organic Green Mao Jian from the mountains of Hunnan Province. 

Like all our organic teas, each of these is also certified Fair Trade - and, importantly, delicious. 

Organic Green Tea


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10 products

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