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Origin: Zhejiang Province

Organic Black Mao Feng - Special Lot

Organic Black Mao Feng - Special Lot

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A modern black tea - relatively recent in its origin, Black Mao Feng dates back to the Euro-China tea trade in the 19th century. Sometimes called Keemun Mao Feng after its original production area in Qimen, Anhui, our Black Mao Feng is grown and produced just a few kilometers away, on the verdant terraces in one of China's great tea producing regions in Zhejiang province. 

A truly top shelf tea, its delicate leaves steep to a medium-amber liquor.  It is simultaneously so familiar and so extraordinary that we are instantly in love with this tea variety.  Its taste, if you'll excuse our lack of metaphor, is that of a really damn good black tea. Notes of apricots, and sunshine, a slight minerality - truly a joy to drink. 

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Organic Black Mao Feng - Special Lot Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Paige B.
So smooth and comforting and good.

I really enjoy the Black Mao Feng tea. I have a cup every morning. It’s full-bodied with a wonderfully rich taste that you just can’t get from an ordinary tea bag.

Truly enjoyed this Tea.

This Tea could easily be a daily Morning Breakfast Tea. Great flavor and I truly enjoyed this Tea. Thanks

Kirsten G.

Not a hint of bitterness. Apricot aroma as promised. My new favorite way to start each day.

Paul E.
Wonderful, smooth

Another great tea from LRC!

Absolutely Lovely

This tea is an absolute joy to sip. It has a subtle sweetness to it like freshly baked bread. When properly brewed the flavor is full-bodied and smooth but not overly-bold. A little milk and honey really brings out the cream notes in the tea. Love it.

Black Mao Fang

is just wonderful. I had it while staying with a friend and had to come home and order some!