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Origin: Jiangxi Province

Organic White Peony

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Our organic White Peony tea (Bai Mudan,白牡丹) is a white tea, grown in the very northeastern corner of Jiangxi Province. Made from only one bud and the two adjacent young leaves, this tea is carefully processed to promote a bare minimum of oxidation.  It is sun dried, heaped, and then gently baked until fully dried.  Bai Mudan is always handled carefully in order to minimize leaf breakage so as to maintain optimal quality.

White Peony is our most delicately flavored tea, but its bright, fresh taste is distinctive while free from grassy or bitter overtones.

Like all tea we sell, our White Peony is whole leaf, organic and Fair Trade certified. It is of outstanding quality and purity, a tea to enjoy on a regular basis, and worth sharing with friends and family who may never have heard of white tea, much less encountered it in whole leaf form.

White Peony is available by 1 oz tin, and by half or whole pounds. Wondering if you'll like it? Try a taste! Tasting samples are available for all our teas and good for two cups.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Beverly M.
Like having tea with an old friend

This tea is like nothing I’ve ever had. My favourite is the White Peony. The first two shipments were sent to me as a gift from a dear friend. I love the personal notes from Mike. Your website is top notch. Tea is my personal indulgence and I just can’t go back to the dusty bags haha. Thank you, all the way from Newfoundland, Bev xo

The best tea

This tea is so great. It has a smooth taste. You won’t be sorry with this tea.

Wow, this tea is so good!

I ordered a sample pack, not knowing which teas to try. This was the first one I tried and it is amazing! Very mellow and smooth. Really lovely warm and after it cooled as well.

The instructions that came with the tea were so helpful too!

Melissa M.
Love this tea

I’ve always loved white peony tea and this one so far is the best. It’s very difficult to find in my area, especially when not in season. Couldn’t be happier I found this wonderful site! Thank you for sharing your passion for tea with us.

Top quality white tea!

This tea is an excellent example of what white tea should be: lighter caffeine but fully flavoured when allowed to steep. I highly recommend it.

emily b.
white peony

White Peony is my daily tea, it is excellent. Beautiful leaf, good bodied and of consistent taste.

Anjanette C.

I discovered this tea at a small shop in Ongonquit, Maine and have been hooked since. It is warming, light and refreshing. My favorite afternoon tea. I am sure happy I can order it in bulk now. I wish you offered herbal varieties like chamomile for the evening.