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Origin: Hubei Province

Number One Black Special - Special Lot

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New Lot: Harvested in the Fall of '21 and just off the boat - get it before it sells out! We only started with 190 tins. 

This is, without a doubt the rarest tea we've ever imported - a bud-only black from a remote region of Hubei. It's tremendously delicious, with deep chocolate notes. Our partner in Hubei usually makes just a single lot to sell to a buyer in Beijing, but we - through great powers of persuasion - have managed to snag our own allotment. Subtle, clear, and complex - this is a special one.

We aim to always sell tea for your everyday life - we have, in fact, said plainly that our teas are not to be hidden away and only brought out for company. This is, perhaps, an exception to the rule.

It is a very special tea - in fact, our Number One special tea.

Weight: 3.5 oz / 100 g | Suggested: 2.5 g / cup - 40 servings.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Without a doubt one of the most delicious teas I've ever had and absolutely the best black tea I've ever enjoyed.
Highly recommend.

Neil M.

Number One Black Special - Special Lot

Donna L.
Not my preference

While I am an avid fan of LRCT and now have 9 of their teas, this one isn't my style. It has some astringency and bitterness that I'm not a fan of as I prefer my teas to be very smooth. I weigh my tea and brew at the listed temperature.

Texas S.
Better than promised

I drink a lot of different kinds of tea but wanted a good black to serve others who only drink black tea. I tried it myself and it is great on 1st brew and I am on the 4th brew and it just continues to be better than great. Incredibly smooth without a hint of harshness.

Joe D.

Very very nice indeed :)

Qian C.
No. 1 Black Special

This tea looks elegant, and its nice aroma instantly creates a welcoming and comforting feeling. It is so uniquely wonderful that I couldn't decide whether I shall enjoy it daily myself or save it to share with my visitors and guests.