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Origin: Hubei Province

Organic Number One Black Special - Special Lot

Organic Number One Black Special - Special Lot

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This is without a doubt the rarest tea we ever imported bud-only black from remote region of hubei. it tremendously delicious with deep chocolate notes. our partner in hubei usually makes just single lot to sell buyer beijing but through great powers persuasion have managed snag own allotment. subtle clear and complex this special one.

We aim to always sell tea for your everyday life - we have, in fact, said plainly that our teas are not to be hidden away and only brought out for company. This is, perhaps, an exception to the rule.

It is a very special tea - in fact, our Number One special tea.

Weight: 2 oz / 57 g | Suggested: 2.5 g / cup - 23 servings.

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Organic Number One Black Special - Special Lot Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
It's become our special once-a-week tea!

This tea is all it's cracked up to be! I got a small tin of it and now I save it for our weekly "tech sabbath" days, in which we put away all screens for 24 hours and focus on all the finer things in life. This tea fits in perfectly with this special weekly day. I look forward to the screen-free day, and drinking this tea, all week!

David P.
Great Tea

I am a conoseieur of black teas and this is an excellent tea. Customer service and shipping were excellent as well.

Kevin B.
Incredible Black Tea

Little Red Cup has come up with two teas that are very different from the normal. First was the Rangsai Mountain green tea, which I like better with each cup I drink, and now the Special Black. This is a truly special tea. Very different for a black tea. Sweet, and mild, but with an excellent taste. Sold out now, but grab a tin if it shows up again.

Ellen B.
Sweet and Robust

This tea has no “edge” of anything bitter. It’s sweet, but robust and full of chocolate notes, just like it says on the tin.


This is a special tea. It's perfectly balanced which makes it an easy tea to wake up to, but complex enough to want to sit with it and savor. Sweet and smooth and has that touch of brightness/acidity that makes it interesting. Sometimes I'll add a splash of milk, which really rounds it out.

Diane H.
Truly exceptional!

This tea is definitely something special -- smooth and sweet, with no hint of bitterness and a lovely complex flavor.

Qian C.
No. 1 Black Special

This tea looks elegant, and its nice aroma instantly creates a welcoming and comforting feeling. It is so uniquely wonderful that I couldn't decide whether I shall enjoy it daily myself or save it to share with my visitors and guests.

Andrea S.

Just an exquisite black tea.

Pebble K.
Out of this world

This tea is just as advertised. I have never tasted anything so wonderful. Sweet, with chocolate notes. It is not bitter at all. Share it with a good fried that also appreciates fine teas or relax with a nice smooth cup in the afternoon.

Charles J.
If tastes were colors …

Unexpectedly smooth taste. If tastes were colors this would be a matte black — understated and dark. And littleredcup’s email was right — the second steeped cup tastes just as good as the first. I am savoring each cup.