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Origin: Hunan Province

Imperial Yellow Special Lot

Imperial Yellow Special Lot

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Yellow Teas are relatively rare in the west, which is a shame because they can be absolutely delicious. Their genius lies in a time-consuming process where green tea leaves are sealed in paper or cloth for a number of days — called sealed yellowing (闷黄); cell walls grow more porous and this reduces some of the grassy notes characteristic of many green teas. Yellow teas are made in a couple regions in China, and notably in Hunan where this tea was produced.

This tea brew is crystal clear, sweet and mellow with charming notes of apple — a bit like a Darjeeling, and just as truly fabulous. 

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  • 3:30 MIN

  • 200 F

  • 2.5 TSP - 2.5G PER 8 OZ CUP

Imperial Yellow Special Lot Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
I almost hate to review because it will disappear!

I really love this tea, so much so that I ordered more. It's very deep and mellow, perfect for early winter days.

Taylor S.
Love it

Incredible tea! Do yourself a favor and get your hands on it.

Gordon S.
Imperial Yellow Special lot tea is the finest tea I have enjoyed in the last 60 years.

Dear Reader,
I am recalibrating my sense of teas with the Little Red Cup teas.
Imperial Yellow Special lot tea is the finest tea I have enjoyed in the last 60 years.
I purchased all of the sampler packs...
Do not miss Imperial Yellow Special lot tea.
Thank you very much,
little Red Tea Cup Company for greatly improving my life.
Best wishes to all.
Gordon Smith

Jacob B.
Great, great tea

More like a black than a green, but certainly less nutty/roasty than a full-on black. Has some of that raw puer essence to it in leaf color. Finished my first box and ordered a second.

Christina S.
Absolutely lovely

I couldn’t wait to get home to my package of teas today. I just had to try the yellow tea right away. This is delicate and delicious. I’m so glad I purchased this tea to add to my collection. Thank you Little Red Cup.

Trisha N.
High Quality Tea

May be my new favorite tea!! Yellow teas are not commonly found and when they are available I always make a point of buying some tea. My only disappointment is that I only bought one tin.

Glad to See Yellow Tea!

It can be hard to find yellow tea, so I was happy to see this special lot. The long, delicately rolled leaves are beautiful and brew nicely.

Rare AND Organic

When brewed this tea has a wonderful golden color and smoothness - has never been bitter for me. If you have never tried yellow tea I'd recommended this.

David H.
My first yellow tea

I’ve never had a yellow tea before and couldn’t wait to try Imperial Yellow. My first impression is very favorable and I have been enjoying numerous gaiwans each day. To me, this is an ephemeral beauty: light, delicate yet firmly present. Imperial Yellow will easily become one of my favorites.

Kyle T.
really enjoying this special tea!!

thank you!