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Organic Russian Caravan Tea - Special Lot

Organic Russian Caravan Tea - Special Lot

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Russian Caravan is a well-known tea variety, but it is not a single tea.  Instead it is a tea blend, consisting of a mix of  Organic Lapsang Souchong, Organic Jade Oolong, and Organic Keemun Black Tea.

The tea is always smoky in scent and flavor, but not as smoky as pure Lapsang Souchong. Our blend is half Lapsang Souchong, with a quarter each of Jade Oolong and Keemun Black, a special for our tea club members. It's a strong tea, sharp, and cozy. Perfect for winter days and thoughts of spring. 

Tea blending is something most other companies do for a bunch of different reasons and something we have traditionally rejected. But all rules, even good rules, need exceptions and we have decided to make an exception here, given the long history of Russian Caravan tea.   

Originally, Russian Caravan was not a blended tea at all but the result of a happy accident, more than 200 years ago, when overland transport by camel caravan of tea from southern China during the long (more than half a year, 6,000 mile) journey to Moscow resulted in the prepared black tea picking up distinctly smoky overtones from repeated exposure to the nightly campfires when the camel drivers (and their camels) stopped to eat and rest. That smokiness, unintended at first, came to be appreciated by the Russian consumers. It’s interesting to note that the overland route was thought to be better for the tea flavor than shipment by sea during which the tea would pick up disagreeable scents from the humid ocean air. 

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  • 2:30

  • 210 F

  • 1 TSP - 1.5G PER CUP

Organic Russian Caravan Tea - Special Lot Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Best Russian Caravan ever had. Strong but not overwhelming, with more notes and complexity than Lapsang Souchong (though their L-S is great for those days desiring the extra kick). The R-C blend is brilliant; so happy to see them venturing into blending.

Tom M.
An After-dinner Tea

I bought the tea hoping it would be something very different from the Golden Monkey, White Peony and Black Snail I’ve favored for the last year. From the moment I opened the bag, I knew it would be spectacular. The aroma of smoke fills the air and floats over the cuppa. It’s great at the end of the day because it’s rich flavor brings focus to one’s senses and work troubles are left behind.

Robert L.
An exquisite blend

The Organic Russian Caravan is among the best versions of this blend that we have tried. It's smokier than most, leaving a rich, luxuriant aftertaste. This is a great tea for morning charge-up or as a later-day treat.

Clifford L.
Excellent Russian Caravan blend

Without question this is one of the best, if not the very best Russian Caravan blend I have ever had. Full, strong, pleasantly smoky, solid, sturdy tea. Bought the smaller amount to try it out but will be ordering a full pound very soon. The tea's description says it is good for cold winter days, but this particular blend will become a staple in my kitchen year round.

Zach C.
Russian caravan tea

This tea has quickly become one on my favorite teas. Smooth, rich, just the right amount of smokiness. Would highly recommend this tea.

Russian Caravan Tea

I love the smoky, hearty flavor of Russian Caravan tea. People either really like it or do not like it at all. This is quality, organic tea.

My goto tea!

This Russian Caravan is my goto tea and I am completely addicted. I start every morning with a cup-- always make sure I have plenty on hand to not run out! The complexity and depth is unparalleled. Thank you, Little Red Cup, for hitting it out of the park!

Nick M.


Colleen O.
More tea forward alternative to Lapsang Souchong

I love the Lapsang Souchong's aggressive smoke flavor and this blend is amazing in its own right. Brings the wonderful smoke scent along with more complexity. Its easy to see the different tea leaves as they unfurl while steeping.

Charles J.

Enjoy the smokiness and the body the two additional black teas provide. Am experimenting with adding a pinch of Shou Pu’er per cup which decreases the smokiness slightly while increasing the full-bodied taste. Will definitely buy again!