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Origin: Yunnan Province

Organic Black Snail

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Like our Golden Monkey - our Black Snail Tea is grown on a relatively small terraced tea garden that ranges from 600 to 1,500 meters above sea level in the rugged mountains of southwestern Yunnan Province - just a few short miles from the border with Burma.

Named for the twisted shape of the finished leaves - fancifully reminiscent of snail shells, this is a lighter, sweet black tea with hints of roses and plums  - perfect for afternoon tea times. 

Black Snail is available by 3.25 oz tin or by the pound. Wondering if you'll like it? Try a taste! Tasting samples are available for all our teas and good for two cups.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Island B.
Excellent Tea, Especially for Iced Tea

We are enjoying everything about this tea but its name. Thank you for adding this tea to your superb selection.

Very Good / Well priced

Very nice red / black tea. Good liquor color. Full bodied texture. Leaves open up well. Elegant, notes of fruit, mostly at the intersection of floral and mineral. 210 F the recommended water temp was too hot for me. 195 brings out the mineral taste I found. Six steeps 10 seconds to 60 seconds between w day of gardening and a night of baking

Black Snail

Love this tea!

Jessica G.

I love it!!!

Forrest S.
Very Tasty!

I had never tried this type of tea before. It was very tasty and refreshing. I would highly recommend it!

Kathryn B.

Love it. Terrific flavor.