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Origin: Fujian Province

Organic Bao Zhong Oolong - Special Lot

Organic Bao Zhong Oolong - Special Lot

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Our Organic Fair Trade Bao Zhong Oolong (包種茶),  is a variety of light oolong tea, sometimes anglicized as Pouchong Oolong.  Bao Zhong Oolong goes back a long time, deep into the 19th Century, if not before.

All Oolong Teas occupy that space between unoxidized green teas and completely oxidized black teas. Bao Zhong is on the greener end, at no more than 12% oxidized (and as little as 8%.)  As a result, the sage green colored leaves produce a crisp brew and a buzzy mouthfeel.  Hints of watercress, of apple blossom and sherbert.

The particularly refreshing and totally quaffable brew is made possible by a technique that formerly included being carefully wrapped in paper during the drying process (“bao” means “to wrap”) and while this method has been supplanted by modern processes, the end result remains virtually unchanged. 

Make sure to resteep your leaves!


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  • 2:30 MIN

  • 205 F

  • 3 TSP - 2.5G PER CUP

Organic Bao Zhong Oolong - Special Lot Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Tea Thyme!

This is a really good oolong tea. On the greener side but no bitterness or harsh bite, slightly sweet, subtle floral and apple blossom. A beautiful tea, order some today and luxuriate in in a blissful, ahhh experience.

Justin L.
We bow to the bao jhong!

A delicious fragrant tea slightly floral, some sweet fruit notes, honeysuckle for sure, a little tartness more along refreshing and bright definitely rejuvenating.


Absolutely amazing flavor profile! Definitely a good tea for people who enjoy more exquisite tea profiles. I tried the smaller free sample and will be purchasing a full-sized one soon.