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Origin: Hubei Province

Organic Jasmine Silver Needle

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A luxurious jasmine-scented white tea from Hubei Province. As is tradition this silver needle tea is made from just the bud of a big leaf varietal, but with the added step of scenting with organic jasmine flowers. Instantly recognizable by its silvery sheen and characteristic downy hairs, this is a delightfully subtle tea— fruity, floral, and special.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michelle S.
Organic jasmine silver needle

Truly some of the best jasmine tea I’ve ever had! I will be purchasing this exclusively from little red cup from now on!

A delightful tea!

This tastes like Silver Needle with one or two fresh jasmine flowers floating around in it, with a beautiful fragrance and just the right amount of jasmine. I purchased a sample recently and just ordered 2 tins (one for me and one for a gift). Relaxing and soul pleasing are the best words I have to describe it, it's wonderful. Little Red Cup, you have the best teas!

Andre G.
Silver Needle

Absolutely wonderful product. The jasmine flowers were the perfect accent to the white tea. Aroma and flavor were for sure top tier. Will absolutely buy again!

One of the finest teas I've tried.

This is some top-shelf tea here. It's fragrant without being overpowering, and is surprisingly resilient, with an enhanced flavor even after multiple infusions.

Faith W.

Delightful, smooth and fragrant jasmine tea. Fabulous company, as well.

Yoni L.
Tastiest Tea In Town

This tea is incredible.... enough said.