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All Organic Tea and Teaware Reviews
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Wuyuan Black Tea

While I prefer green teas, this tea is my favorite black tea. It is smooth in taste, no bitter after taste. Makes a great ice tea.

Lovely morning tea

This smooth, robust tea has wonderful woodsy undertones.

An exquisite, delicate, perfectly balanced tea.

Perfect morning cup of tea

I was in search of a good morning tea and had tried a wide variety of teas that primarily had the word “breakfast” in its name. But none could compare to the Wuyuan Black. I don’t add milk to tea because I want to taste the full flavor and character of that tea. Wuyuan Black is a strong, full-flavor, no bitterness tea and has become my go-to morning cup.

Swift delivery, fabulous tea

My Chai Recipe:

My recipe for one cup of chai:

Bring 3/4 cup of water to a boil in a pot on your highest heat.
Add 1.5 teaspoon Yunnan Black tea from the Little Red Cup Tea Company.
Add one quarter teaspoon ground cardamon.
Boil until you see the dark tea color.
Add 1/4 cup of half and half to the boiling tea ( heat is still on your highest heat ).
Stir with wooden spoon to prevent skalding.
Lift the pot off of the heat source when the chai begins to boil over with small bubbles.
Put the pot back on the heat source and stir until the chai froths up again.
Remove the pot from the heat source.
Put the pot back on the heat source and stir until the chai froths up again, one last time.
The chai almost boils over three times.
Pour into a cup with a cotton cloth as a strainer.
Add maple syrup to taste.


Yu Lu Green Tea

Nice tea that is light in color and is not bitter. The taste is hard to describe. Vernal with a spring vegetable flavor.
Very different from other green teas I have had.

Yu Lu Green is smooth

I did an at-home green tea tasting of a bunch of Chinese greens and this one is smooth and earthy with some sweetness too. Can resteep a couple times. Cold brew works too.

This Tea has been one of my favorites. It has a very delicate light finish with lots of flavor. It does not come across as harsh or bitter. You will enjoy this tea I am sure.

Best tea ever!

Love the graphics on the tins as well. BUT, even on regular sized boxes, most important info for consumer, the brewing instructions, is unreadably SMALL.

Smooth & Flavorful

The staff recommended this tea to me and the wee tins were just not enough. Just order a monster bag of it and am making several pots a day. Just bought a traveling tea kettle so I can take White Peony with me...

A Favorite

Gunpowder tea has always been my “go to” green tea. And I have tried a lot of Gunpowder tea from a variety of online tea companies to compare. What really makes a good Gunpowder tea is the smoke. Does the smoke enhance the tea or does it overpower the tea in a bad way? What I received from The Little Red Cup Tea Co. is some of the better Gunpowder tea. It’s a great pick-me-up tea for the afternoon. This website described it perfectly – robust with a slightly smoky flavor. I would definitely order this tea again.

Great Tea

I was a bit uncertain about this tea based on the description of being a strong variety of green tea, but after tasting it, this is my new favorite green tea. I'm still experimenting with different brew times and quantity, but my favorite so far is 1 tsp @ 175 deg for 2 minutes. I will be ordering a full tin of this tea soon.


I do like Yu Lu Green tea. For now I'm brewing a small amount at a time which gives it a subtle, sweet taste, with hints of more ahead, helping me get acquainted more easily. Refreshing on many levels. Yu Lu Green is well-dressed. Thank you for offering it.

Wuyuan Black

Gunpowder Green Tea

Big leaves

It's refreshing to have a tea that isn't just crumbs of leaves! These leaves are so whole and complete it's hard to scoop them up with a spoon (that's a good thing)! I drink tea every morning and have been looking for a company that sells a pound of flavorful, organic, and fair trade tea and this is perfect.

Best green tea outside of China

I have visited China frequently and the green tea served at business meetings is unlike any tea in the U.S. So imagine how excited I was to try this tea and find it was very close to the real thing! And made in my home state of Maine to boot! I have just placed an order to sample many more of your fine teas. I can’t wait to try them. I am likely to abandon tea bags forever. Thank you!

Shou Pu'er is deeply delicious!

I ordered samples of all of your tea. Shou Pu'er is my favorite. I had to order a tin Shou Pour right away, as I was longing for more.

Highly Favored Tea strainer

I decided to try one more tea strainer. I had given up on tea leaves because I found it annoying to fill and empty the strainers I had. It was too difficult to clean them.
The little red cup stainless steal strainer is open enough to load tea leaves easily and easy to clean. Plus I love how it sits comfortably in the cup and has it's own plate to catch the drips when my tea processing is complete.

Absolutely Fabulous Taste

I love green tea. For years I have had a few cups every morning. I ordered this tea a little while back and it ranks up there as one of my favorite ever. Yes, it is mellow, but it has so much complexity of flavor behind it’s initial subtleties. It is the one that I keep going back to in the mornings more frequently than any of my others. Thank you so much for carrying such fantastic products!

Shou Pu'er

White Peony

Perfect hot tea for the summer - light but full flavored. Excellent customer service. The handwritten note suggested I try the white peony tea iced - which I did, and it is delicious too.

Smokey bliss

I have been looking for the perfect Lapsang Souchong for a long time, and I have finally found it in this lovely brew. With just the right amount of smokey texture, this is indeed the Lapsang of my dreams! Perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up, or any time of the day, really.

Black Tea Wonder

Little Red Cup Tea’s Wuyuan Black is, hands down, one of the best, if not the very best black tea I have ever had. Having had the chance to begin my day with a nice cup (actually, more like a whole pot) of Wuyuan for the past couple of weeks now, I cannot honestly imagine being able to live without it :-) Thank you so much for bringing such wonderful tea leaves into my life!

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