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Organic Green Mao Feng
Louis-Georges S.
Honest Tea

Well preserved leaf shape. Mild sweetness, toasty umami, enough astringency for a bright finish. Nice body to the mouth feel. Strongly agree w steeping recommendations. Perfect for steeping in the same glass you drink it from. Perfect everyday tea. Canine to L-theanine ratio feels good in the afternoon Reasonably priced.

Great tea

great source for teas!

Love the availability and variety! Great service and quality teas!

Organic jasmine silver needle

Truly some of the best jasmine tea I’ve ever had! I will be purchasing this exclusively from little red cup from now on!

Number One Black Special - Special Lot

Delightful Surprise

My daughter and son-in-law are pleased to be members of this club of liquid delights! They are looking forward to the next month's package.

Great Company

This is a great little company. Nice product selection. They are prompt and efficient. They are my new specialty tea company.

Not my preference

While I am an avid fan of LRCT and now have 9 of their teas, this one isn't my style. It has some astringency and bitterness that I'm not a fan of as I prefer my teas to be very smooth. I weigh my tea and brew at the listed temperature.



10/10 would buy again. Longjing is my favorite tea and this one is perfect. Like the description states this tea is light and toasty. I love pairing it with a pistachio macaron.

Black Snail

Love this tea!

What do Dragons know about waiting?

They know the best and richest things are worth the wait! Like many I have waited years for a excellent Organic Dragon Well and the patient and diligent folks at Little red Cup have delivered the goods! This tea is utterly beautiful, invite the Dragon into your life.

Delicious eartly tea

Love this tea. The aroma and flavor are very earthy and smooth. Unfortunately, it doesn't hold up to steeping twice, but I'll forgive that! I'd buy it again.

Glass Teapot
Margie L.
Cute Little Pot!

This little glass pot is perfect for brewing a single cut of tea. I love that there is lot’s of space for the tea leaves to unfurl and steep.

Excellent Lapsang, Great little company

Delicious tea with just the right amount of smoke. Beautifully packaged.
Glad to have discovered them.

Better than promised

I drink a lot of different kinds of tea but wanted a good black to serve others who only drink black tea. I tried it myself and it is great on 1st brew and I am on the 4th brew and it just continues to be better than great. Incredibly smooth without a hint of harshness.

My new favorite tea

I discovered little red cup through a friend. I went over for tea and was overwhelmed by the prepared lapsang souchong they had sitting on the table for us. It was, by far, some of the best tea I have ever had. On top of it tasting so delicious it's also a small family owned business, run in Maine, that's organic and fair trade. I also received the kindest post card from them after my first purchase. it was so sweet and personable. You're missing out if you don't buy Little Red Cup tea.

Delicious delicate flavor

Subtle and delicious. I love this tea any time of day!

My favorite green tea

Love this green tea! Great flavor but still easy to drink

Very very nice indeed :)

Camellia Flowers tea

I have not been able to find this tea elsewhere. I like to drink it with chrysanthemum and goji berries. It has a subtle delicious flavor and comes in beautiful little tins, making them good for gift giving too.

Delicious Jasmine Tea

It's just a delicious Jasmine scented green tea. It's well balanced, not overly floral and it's great both iced and hot. I typically use a very short steep time for the first brew and I find that it's good for at least 2 to 3 steeps after that if I am enjoying it hot. Iced, I might discard the first and use just enough water to cover the leaves for the second steep, leave that nice and long, add some honey to balance the stronger taste and pour into a glass full of ice and stir.

For life says it all

Simply the best implement for brewing single cups of tea I've found.

Just what I needed

These are perfect for concocting custom tea mixes, or taking tea for travel.

I love it!!!