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A good basic tea

Little Red Cup delivers yet another high-quality, whole-leaf tea. I'm giving this tea 4 stars because even though it is very good quality, it's not my favorite among all the teas LRC has to offer. I like Yulu Green and Jasmine Green a little better, flavor- and aroma-wise. If you're a lover of Gunpowder Green in general, however, you'll probably really enjoy this because as I mentioned, it's very high quality.

Fantastic Tea and Price

I really enjoy this tea. My partner has been ordering it from here. I came to check out the website and I actually had thought this was a darker oolong originally. It has very similar qualities to an expensive dark oolong that I love. It's a really fantastic tea to steep more than once. Yesterday I had a second stepping and I actually thought the second stepping was better than the first.


Fantastic as always.

A favorite among favorites!

I love tea (as I'm sure most people who visit this website do) and I like a nice variety of greens, blacks, whites, oolongs and pu'ers. Golden Monkey is my go-to black tea for everyday use, saving Little Red Cup's fantastic Black Special Lot and Black Snail for weekends. Golden Monkey is one of the teas I love enough to order a whole pound of it. It's also one of the teas I give to friends who want to sample LRC's amazing line of teas.

Amazing Organic Tea

This tea has such a wonderful phenomenal taste!
I highly recommend because they have me as a lifetime customer!

Love this Tea Company

Thanks for providing quality, ethical, natural tea. I wanted to replace coffee every morning with something less acidic. I’m grateful for my new tea routine, thanks to Little Red Cup!

Black Snail tea is a hit!

I've been enjoying my Black Snail tea from Little Red Cup. It's a good black tea (which I start my mornings with). I'm not going to stop drinking Wuyuan Black -- I still love it for its everyday appeal. But Black Snail makes for a nice, occasional change.

Loved it! and Top notch customer serivce!

Love this company, will be buying my tea from here in the future. Good prices, and wonderful personalization to each order. They show that they care a lot.

Great travel tumbler!

So glad I bought this. Great quality and the silver etching on the red is really nice. Love everything I buy from this company!

Wonderful Tea

This is my definitively new favorite tea! Very smooth, subtle aroma, this afternoon I accidentally let it steep too long and it wasn’t the least bit bitter.

The best!

Love these convenient little tea filters!

Like having tea with an old friend

This tea is like nothing I’ve ever had. My favourite is the White Peony. The first two shipments were sent to me as a gift from a dear friend. I love the personal notes from Mike. Your website is top notch. Tea is my personal indulgence and I just can’t go back to the dusty bags haha. Thank you, all the way from Newfoundland, Bev xo


Very pleased with flavor and specific instructions!
Thank you!

Stainless Steel Filter

Terrific filter; just what I’ve been looking for!!
Thank you!!

Beautiful cup of tea!

What a lovely picture a cup of Camellia flowers make! I was very impressed with the taste samples I ordered. I’m not really a huge fan of floral teas but this was very nice. I will be ordering a larger size next time.

Wonderful Tea!

Really different from my usual go to black tea. Lighter and a bit fruity. Not bitter or very astringent. Very flavorful and a great change of pace. I have really been enjoying this for the last few days as an afternoon/early evening cup. It might not replace my strong morning cup, but really liking it a lot.

Love this tea

I’ve always loved white peony tea and this one so far is the best. It’s very difficult to find in my area, especially when not in season. Couldn’t be happier I found this wonderful site! Thank you for sharing your passion for tea with us.

love it!

Organic Golden Monkey is Platinum

Hi there, if you like black teas, you will love Golden Monkey (Jin Hao) from the Fujian Province. It is a wonderful tea. A small pinch goes a long way and makes a wonderful aromatic and creamy liquor. It is my favorite tea. Smooth and calming, a great way to start the day without intense caffine jitters. Highly recommended.

Jade oolong

This is fast becoming one of my favorite oolong blends, and I would recommend anyone to try it.


My new favorite place to buy tea!

Really Great!

Wish I'd ordered more than just a sample, it was such a lovely tea.

Great TEA!

The quality of their tea and their approach are just plain refreshing. Enjoyed a couple of the samples and plan on expanding my tea options

Grand tea

I love the smell and tast of the tea. The tast that blossoms in your mouth! Thank you

A truly smokey Lapsang

This was a smokier brew than I am used to. But variety is good and I enjoyed it.