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Green Mao Jian

I am thoroughly enjoying my Green Mao Jian tea! It's a light and refreshing way to begin my day. It's a great product!

White Peony
white peony

White Peony is my daily tea, it is excellent. Beautiful leaf, good bodied and of consistent taste.

Makes a lovely gift

The packaging is perfect, and I love the option to select your own combinations. A beautiful gift for tea lovers!

Pretty Little Gaiwan

It is a beautiful little teacup with a nice texture to it. It is a it bit smaller than I find useful, so it will probably be a china cupboard decoration. If you don't brew and drink from the gaiwan, the size is likely to be just fine.


Great tea! Very relaxing to sip on!

Jade Oolong
Smooth Jade Oolong

This is proving to be a nice, smooth tea to alternate with the strong Gunpowder I usually drink in the morning. I can tend to over brew the Gunpowder or leave it for too long, but this tea is forgiving and doesn’t get bitter when left to steep. Your teas are such consistently great quality! Thank you!

Great Christmas gift

Bought this for my tea-loving spouse for Christmas, and he's enjoying trying all the different teas. Looking forward to buying the favorites in larger sizes!

For my grandson he loves ur tea.

I’ll b buying again for my grandson


Very satisfied with this tea.

Nine tin sampler

My tea arrived quickly and I've been enjoying all the different flavors. I don't have a favorite because it depends on the time of day. Love them all. The little tins also keep the teas nice and fresh. Thanks for such a great product.

Great giftt!

My wife loved the sampler set. Happy to support small businesses. Thanks!

Always a Delight

This is my favorite tea shop. The tea is always delightful and I love all the personal touches. They truly touch my heart and every cup feels like I'm sitting with a friend. Thank you!

Lovely gift

Nice way to try different teas and the little tins are adorable

Delicious tea, adorable packaging

I bought a sampler as a gift. The little tins were so charming and the teas smell amazing. The first one brewed was complex and smokey with no bitterness.

Shou Pu'er
Shou pu'er


A treasure I savor everyday

The green tea is a healing brew. Never bitter & the taste doesn’t linger on your palette. I look forward to a pot of tea every day. Nourishing and a treat at the beginning and end of everyday.

Great tea!

The tea has great taste. There is always a personal touch added to the delivery that makes you feel like a human. Would recommend this tea to anyone!

Shou Pu'er
Sooo goood!

I’m hooked for life! This is top shelf every day tea. There is a time for toucha and a time for loose leaf and when it’s loose leaf time this tea is where it’s at...wicked good!

It's become our special once-a-week tea!

This tea is all it's cracked up to be! I got a small tin of it and now I save it for our weekly "tech sabbath" days, in which we put away all screens for 24 hours and focus on all the finer things in life. This tea fits in perfectly with this special weekly day. I look forward to the screen-free day, and drinking this tea, all week!

Great gift!

Best small gift with meaning I could have chosen. Great value!

Tea Time is when ever you want!

I Will share your authentic healing tea with everyone I know who enjoys teas.

A bit of everything you could want

LRC is our favorite tea and this sampler provides a great mix of their offerings. The little tins are really sweet, too.

Jasmine Green Tea

Golden Monkey

Camellia Flowers