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All Organic Tea and Teaware Reviews
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Smokey bliss

I have been looking for the perfect Lapsang Souchong for a long time, and I have finally found it in this lovely brew. With just the right amount of smokey texture, this is indeed the Lapsang of my dreams! Perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up, or any time of the day, really.

Black Tea Wonder

Little Red Cup Tea’s Wuyuan Black is, hands down, one of the best, if not the very best black tea I have ever had. Having had the chance to begin my day with a nice cup (actually, more like a whole pot) of Wuyuan for the past couple of weeks now, I cannot honestly imagine being able to live without it :-) Thank you so much for bringing such wonderful tea leaves into my life!

Lapsang Souchong

Great Tea!

A bit different than what I'm used to, but a really great tea. I like a stronger tea, both as hot tea, and one that I can drink iced. This is one of the few green teas I have found that can stand up to ice, and that I can drink all day. Will definitely be ordering this one again.

Excellent tea

Enjoying every cup of Wuyuan Black. A perfect tea to start my day.

Wonderfull teas

I have missed these types of tea since I closed my shop years ago. Thank you gor presenting them to me again.

Great smoky aroma and a smooth finish. This is the tea that made me quit coffee!

Beautiful tea with heart

We most often buy the green mao jian, often form our local coop. As the teas is so good and popular, the coop is often out and I have had the great pleasure to order directly from the Little Red Tea Cup website. To my surprise I got a personal note from one of the owners with a beautiful welcome and offer to deliver my tea purchase to my house in Portland when possible in their schedule. This extra touch, felt so warm and neighborly and made me enjoy their excellent tea all the more! My son who suffers from Lyme disease, feels that this tea helps energize him and get him through some very tough days. I can only think it is the warm hearts behind the tea that help make it extra special and healing.

Perfect Gift for a Tea Lover

The recipient is thoroughly enjoying her camellia flowers tea!

Jasmine Green Tea

Da Hong Pao Oolong

Dreamy and aromatic

This aromatic, fragrant tea is such a get away from it all experience for me...Every afternoon, I brew a pot at work, and just relax and unwind with this dreamy tea...and .Very uplifting!

One pound of the best black tea I ever drank.

The best black tea i ever drank...
Very strong flavor and caffeine.
This makes great ice tea,too.
I bought a pound to share with my friends.
Thank you very much Little Red Cup Tea Company
for providing this excellent tea at such a reasonable price.
Cheers! Best wishes, Gordon

Bulk Jasmine Green

This is the second time I've ordered the 16 oz Jasmine Green. It's great!

Very nice tea!

The white peony tea and all the teas I’ve ordered have come promptly and taste great!

Wuyuan Black

Delicious Afternoon Tea for Me!

This is the second round of White Peony from Little Red Cup and I continue to reach for these leaves after lunch at work! Wonderful tea.

Great Experiance

It was my first White Tea that i have had and it was excellant.

Deliciously smoky

When I got a sample of this tea and first opened it up, I thought it was really weird. It smelled like a campfire! But after drinking it for a couple of days I fell in love with it, and that's why I ordered more. Try it, you'll like it!

Camellia Flowers

Shou Pu'er

I enjoy Shou Pu'er a lot. I find it an exceptionally tasty
and delightfully 'flavored' black tea.

Wuyuan Black

Another terrific tea from Little Red Cup. Welcome anytime of day when you need a satisfying brew. Fragrant and bold with a deep character.

Great Tea

This green tea is so good. Ill be ordering again.

Shou Pu'er

I have enjoyed many varieties of pu'er tea in fine tea shops over the years. My preferred choice is often a dark, cooked organic pu'er and Little Red Cup Shou Pu'er delivers exactly what I am looking for. I like to make thermos pu'er, which unlike the traditional method of many steepings, gives a robust, rich and earthy result in a one shot steeping that brews for hours. This variety from Little Red Cup works beautifully for this method. I also add a small amount of leaf to other black teas to make a rich morning or afternoon blend. Shou Pu'er is a versatile addition to my tea shelf. Thank you Little Red Cup for making this tea available, and for choosing to offer only organic teas in a select few choices instead of too many varieties and blends.

Stainless Steel Tea Filter

Exactly what I expected.

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