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All Organic Tea and Teaware Reviews
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Green Eyebrow

My favorite for early morning! I like that I can get infuse it twice and it still has a great tea flavor!

Yu Lu Green

Drinking tea

I studied tea with a tea master and have been smelling and grading tea for my own drinking. This is an excellent tea I purchased while visiting Maine at a country fair where they generously had tea sampling and I was convinced of its excellent quality and now the only tea I drink. The name and containers are so inviting and clever which also drew me to it along with a very informative conversation with one of the owners who successful answered all my questions! Good going guys!

Love it!

Great tea for any time of the day-- highly recommend.

The Best

The teas are fabulous, and the ability to “sample” makes them very accessible. And I get a lovely hand written note with each order. Wow!

Excellent Tea That I Can Feel Good About

My wife and I have both really enjoyed our Jasmine Green tea, and we love the fact that its both organic and fair trade!

Excellent anytime

Beautiful loose tea. Taste is very smooth, slightly sweet with floral notes. Highly recommend!

Very tasty

First time having real Chinese teas and I honestly can tell you theres a big difference between this quality loose leaf and the stuff you get at the grocery store. Really wished they carried some licorice root tea as I drink that the most because of digestive issues, great tea tho thank you!!

New favorite tea!

I tried this tea at Tandem bakery while on vacation in Maine, and immediately became obsessed with it. The depth of flavor is amazing, and there's a hint of smokiness--it's the tea I've been looking for my whole life.

I loved it!

I really enjoy this tea, I've been drinking it around 2x a day now. I didn't realize how little tea is required to make a delicious cup of tea. Now my 2.5 oz box of little red cup tea will last me much longer. Highly recommend!

Great teas!

Love your tea! Very nice company!

The Tea I have Been Looking For!

About 10 years ago, before I had discovered Little Red Cup, I bought a pound of a Yunnan Black tea from another company. It immediately became my favorite black tea. They quit carrying it, and I've been looking for that tea now for years. This tea is a bit different, mostly that it's whole leaf, but the taste is nearly identical. It's hard to describe, but very distinctive. Very clean and fresh tasting is the best I can come up with. I'm still fiddling around with the brewing details, but I'm glad I finally found this!


Ok, I'm leaving another review to say that the more I drink this tea the more I love it!!!

Nice company

Great organic teas, great customer service


Peonies are my favorite flowers so naturally I had to try this. This tea does not disappoint. It's so smooth and delicate in taste and pairs perfectly with a little honey. I prefer to steep this at 185 F instead of 180 for a little extra body. This is one of my favorites from LRCT so far :)

Honey toasted taste

Delicious tasting tea that's aromatic and flavorful yet light in taste. I like to pair this with fresh loose linden flowers. Nothing beats this combination.

Really enjoying the tea!

I just bought a tea brewer machine and needed loose leaf tea. I did a Google search and came up with recommendations for Little Red Cup. I ordered samples and a small amount of Yunnan Black. So far I am very pleased!


I'm a new customer with Little Red Cup and love this tea. It's best green tea I've ever had!!

Wonderful Jasmine Tea.

This tea brews up to a beautiful gold color. The tea has a delicate flavor, and the jasmine is subtle, at least to me anyway. I had been drinking a jasmine tea that was much stronger flavored, both the tea and the jasmine, and it has taken some time to adjust to a lighter flavor. I'm still fiddling with the brew temp and time, but I'm about there now. I highly recommend this for a lighter, and refreshing green jasmine tea.

Yu Lu Green

Great Black Tea

I'm still trying to decide which black tea I like best, this or the Yunnan. I'm leaning a bit toward the Yunnan. I like them both though, and the Wuyuan is much more forgiving of brewing errors. Neve bitter or overly astringent, it makes for a great drink any time of day.

my favorite tea

I have tried a few of the other teas and keep coming a back to Wuyuan Black. It has the type of flavor I am looking for. I steep it for 4 minutes.


Love all the greens Little Red offers, and hope they add more to their repertoire!!!

My favorite green tea ever. Definitely the best!

perfectly balanced black tea

I love both black teas: Wuyuan and Yunnan. They are quite different from each other, the Yunnan being more delicate, but I like having both in my cupboard! The Wuyuan is rich but never bitter.

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