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Little Red Cup Ceramic Tumbler

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These handmade ceramic tea cups are perfect. They're small enough that your tea won't get cold, big enough to satisfy a thirst, and heavy enough to warm your hands.  Made in Portland, Maine by Rachel Herzer, they are an exercise in elemental simplicity. Smooth inside and out, they're a joy to drink from.  

Each cup is unique, there may be minor variations in color, size, and shape. 

5.5 oz. 

Handmade in Maine. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
michele d.

Little Red Cup Ceramic Tumbler

Sian E.
Nice Package!

Michael or whomever does the packing - IMPRESSIVE. Handmade, elegant solutions, what I would expect from Connellys. And of course functional - they arrived intact and lovely. Oh, and did I mention the turnaround time was like, 20 min.? Did someone drive them to my door? Thanks and thanks

Channeling Uncle Iroh

I use it to remind myself to take my time - enjoy the aroma, taste and temperature and be in the moment. Even when things are rough.

Nan l.
such a relief

I was so pleased you had Wuyuan Black, my favorite Chinese, tea in stock. Both an existential relief and physical one every day at 3 p.m. with a little milk and sugar. ahhhh.

Cheerful and Warming

I love my red cup ceramic tumbler. I love how it rests in my hands just so and holds just the right amount of tea. It warms my heart and hands and makes me smile. All of that from a ceramic mug!

Bonita B.
Little Red Cup

My new favorite tea cup. Thank you comrades 📿❣️🌀