A Menagerie in Your Pantry

Among the many excellent qualities of Chinese teas, a certain poetry of naming ranks high. This has to do, I'm sure, with the long and varied cultural history, and perhaps also a certain enthusiasm in classical Chinese for allusion and word play. Consider, for instance, that bats are lucky, not because they keep the population of mosquitos manageable, but because the name, bian fu, *sounds* like an entirely different Chinese written character, fu, translated as happiness and good fortune. So, of course, bats must therefore be lucky. Perhaps I digress - but the point remains - this kind of thing, the language, the poetry, it’s just fun.

Among the most fun, perhaps, are words related to the animal kingdom. In our catalog of teas we have not one, not two, but four teas with a zoological bent - Oh, and guess what! They’re all on sale this week, 15% off both tins and pounds. No code needed