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A favorite gift over the years, these samplers have been featured by Real Simple, Fox 24, and the Maine Magazine as ideal gifts.

Four Tin Gift Sampler

Choose any four teas to include in this darling boxed set of small tins.

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Nine Tin Gift Sampler

Three Green Teas : Green Eyebrow, Gunpowder Green, & Jasmine Green

Three Black Teas: Wuyuan Black, Yunnan Black,  & Lapsang Souchong

Three Other Teas: White Peony, Camilla Flowers, & Jade Oolong

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Twelve Tin Gift Sampler

Four Green Teas : Green Eyebrow, Yu Lu Green, Jasmine Green, Gunpowder Green

Four Black Teas: Wuyuan Black, Yunnan Black,  & Lapsang Souchong, Shou Pu'er*

Four Additional Teas: White Peony, Camilla Flowers, Jade Oolong, Da Hong Pao Oolong

Plus: One ceramic tea cup, red.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Excellent way to try new teas!

The tin arrived so well packaged and with a handwritten note. Everything about Little Red Cup is intentionally thoughtful.

These tins are small, but still contain plenty of tea to make 15+ cups depending on how strong you like your tea or how much you reuse leaves. I loved being able to try teas I'd never had a chance to and discovered a real love of unexpected ones. One tip: use a sharpie to write on the top of the tin what temperature and time for each type. Made it much easier (than looking at the website each time).

Beyond the tea and the mission, I just love how engaged the co-founders and President are. Emails are responded to and updates are provided frequently. Highly recommend these as a gift to yourself or others.

Abel T.
My go-to tea supplier

Wow, these teas are amazing! You can tell their quality after just one cup.

Service is fast, and it feels good knowing these are fair-trade certified and come with love and care. Plus, the little tin cans are so cute!! 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

Jody N.
Just perfect!

I ordered this sampler as a gift for my daughter, but now that I've seen it I want to order some more for other gifts! The teas smelled fresh. The containers were well packed and the personal note enclosed was a nice touch. I love doing business with family run companies.

Great gift!

I received this gift for Mother's Day and it is delightful. I've almost finished the black tea already. The whole leaves unfurl beautifully and the flavor is crisp and clear. Also, the tins are charming!

The best

I have bought from 7 tea companies and Little Red Cup tea gets my full business. Their teas are perfect as well as their customer service, prompt shipping and response.

Ben S.
Above and Beyond

So, I bought this sampler of teas because it was on sale and I thought it would make a nice gift for a good friend. When Mike, LRC’s owner, saw a different name on the card—not mine, but my friend’s--he called me to make sure they were handing the package correctly. "Send directly to friend or not?” This kind of personal attention is what makes LRC an outstanding small business. I have bought my tea from LRC for a few years now as the quality of the tea is great and the “above and beyond” service is even better.

Makes an excellent and healthy gift

This was the perfect gift for my best friend, a minimalist woman notorious hard to buy gifts for. She loved it! It is a great gift because the recipient receives health benefits from the tea itself, and will think of the gift giver each time a tin is opened to brew a new cup.


Delicious tea! Outstanding customer service!

Maria S.
Four Tin Sampler

The teas are such good quality and they are the perfect size to order and try new teas!

Holly M.
Came right away!

My husband asked for this for Father’s Day so haven’t tried it yet, but I think he will love it!