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Twelve Tin Gift Sampler

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The perfect gift — with twelve sample tins and a little red ceramic cup in this darling boxed set. Perfect for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, coworkers, teachers, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers.


Four Green Teas : Green Eyebrow, Yu Lu Green, Jasmine Green, Gunpowder Green

Four Black Teas: Wuyuan Black, Yunnan Black,  & Lapsang Souchong, Shou Pu'er*

Four Additional Teas: White Peony, Camilla Flowers, Jade Oolong, Da Hong Pao Olong

Plus: One ceramic tea cup, red.

*I know pu'er isn't really a black tea, but bear with us here.

Samplers Also Available in Four Tin and Nine Tin Configurations

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
A gift of comfort

As a huge fan of Little Red Cup, I wanted to send it as a gift to my bereaved aunt. It came in attractive packaging and made her smile, so it was a success.

Excellent quality

I really enjoyed my tea sampler that has a range of high quality tea

Martha L.
Calming Ritual

I ordered the 9-tin tea sampler to start a personal ritual of having afternoon tea to deal with the stresses of our increasingly uncertain world. "My" ritual is definitely working, and with nine different teas to experiment with, every day is a pleasant experience. Impressive too is the care with with the tins are packed--separated with folded tissue to prevent the tins from rattling around during shipping and damaging each other.I am still learning to acquire a taste for less-than-boiling-hot tea, but I'll get there. I am especially fond of the Jasmine Green Tea with its nice citrus overtones. Well done!

Sam L.
The sampler is letting me branch out

I totally got this gift for myself. The teas are all amazing and now I have a tea for every time of day. The cups are beautiful and are just the right size. I love this company and there is never such a thing as too much tea so I will be ordering more!

ollie i.

I'm so glad I purchased this! I love this company and have used the sampler to find several new favorites. Such yummy, different teas. Perfect for all of this child winter weather we're getting.

Perfect chance to try a selection of green tea!

I'd been wanting to learn more about different types of green tea and this was the perfect opportunity. The tins are adorable and really packed full — you get a surprising amount of tea. Still not sure which is my fave, but I'm having fun trying them all!