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Yixing Style Tea Cups

Yixing Style Tea Cups

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Drinking tea from these tiny cups allows the tea to be consumed piping hot, or a bit cooler if that’s your preference. But the tea in the pot will stay hot longer, so the third or fourth cup of tea from the same infusion will be plenty hot.  Outside unglazed clay in the yixing style.  Insides are glazed white.

Approximately 45ml.

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Yixing Style Tea Cups Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Teapot and cups

Teapot and cups are tiny and beautiful!

Niels M.
Beautiful cups! I wish they would hold 3 ounces. Too small for us, unfortunately but they are ver...

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Alice C.
Simple and beautiful

I love the texture on the outside of these cups and the inside is bright white so you can see your tea color. I love that they come in a pair, I share my spare for tea time at work.

Rebecca R.
Tea for Christmas

I bought the sample pack for my son for Christmas, as he loves exotic teas. I sure hope he loves these!

I love this little set!

It has become my only way I will brew my tea now, the experience is much improved. You can taste the tea change as you progress through your infusions. These little cups...skeptical at first but you just have to try them to understand. I still feel like 50ml might of been the perfect size, but that's being nit picky. Awesome, and totally got me going down the worm hole of all that is tea!