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Glass Teapot

Glass Teapot

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Our Small Glass Teapot is made of heat resistant borosilicate and includes a clever metal spiral at the base of the spout to keep your whole leaf tea in the teapot when you pour.

This small glass teapot is perfect for your personal afternoon tea, sized for one or two people. Make no mistake, it's small, 320ml or so, just over 10 oz.  Use it with our small glass pitcher.

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Glass Teapot Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Andy B.

This teapot was a gift for my daughter...she absolutely loves it!! I am very pleased with my purchase......

Judy S.

It was a gift. The recipient said it was lovely.

robert m.
Glass teapot, brew for 1 or 2

It’s nice to view the tea as it is brewing. Less need to preheat glass. I knocked off a star because my medium length fingers don’t quite reach the bottom to clean out the leaves. And it’s not that good for a one handed pour. Minor complaints. It’s a beautiful pot that doesn’t absorb the flavor of the previous tea.

Pat B.
Great teapot!

I love seeing the tea brew!

So cute

This is the cutest little teapot. I absolutely adore it. It pours so well, too. Some smaller leaves still make it through the wire sieve, but that's not a huge bother to me. My fingers are small so it does make it slightly difficult to clean the leaves out. However, I love being able to see my tea brew and it's the perfect size for single cup brewing. Highly recommend.

Love it

Perfect for when I just want one mug of tea. The screen in the spout catches all the tea leaves and it's easy to clean.

Margie L.
Cute Little Pot!

This little glass pot is perfect for brewing a single cut of tea. I love that there is lot’s of space for the tea leaves to unfurl and steep.

Veronica P.

Glass Teapot

Gina P.
It was a gift for son in law

He seems to like tea. I was expecting teapot to be a bit larger. You know, people drink very large mugs of tea ... it’s not like the 6oz. Wedge wood tea cup I drink from. All in all he said very cute.

Julia F.

Small Glass Teapot