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Origin: Hunan Province

Organic Green Mao Feng - Special Lot

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This special organic Mao Feng green tea from western Hunan Province is a great example of the Mao Feng style teas.  The whole leaves, picked so early in the spring, still have their white down and are rolled to come to a point or peak. Mao Feng means exactly that– Downy Peak. 

Green Mao Feng differs distinctly from what many consider classic green tea characteristics.  Where classic green teas have notes of hay and meadow, of marsh and even swamp, Mao Feng presents as bright, clean, clear, and crisp.  Overbrewed, like any green tea, it will be a bitter brew, but treated kindly, it gives a light and refreshing cup with notes of honey and peaches. Truly a lovely, light green tea.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Richard C.

I had high expectations for this Tea but it exceeded them. It is one of the best teas that i have had.

Eric G.
Love it!

One of my new favorites from this great company!

Louis-Georges S.
Honest Tea

Well preserved leaf shape. Mild sweetness, toasty umami, enough astringency for a bright finish. Nice body to the mouth feel. Strongly agree w steeping recommendations. Perfect for steeping in the same glass you drink it from. Perfect everyday tea. Canine to L-theanine ratio feels good in the afternoon Reasonably priced.

Terry K.

Great tea