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Gunpowder Green Tea

Origin: Jiangxi Province


Gunpowder Green Tea (Zhu Cha, 珠茶) has been made in China for well over a thousand years and exported for almost that long. Traditionally the tea leaves were rolled into small balls or pellets which helps the unfermented tea leaves withstand storage and transportation without undue breakage which could lead to unwanted oxidation or flavor loss. Our Gunpowder Green Tea is not, in fact, rolled into pellets, but the traditional green gunpowder flavor is retained.

Our Gunpowder Green Tea has a robust, slightly smoky flavor, and when steeped produces a lovely yellow colored brew. The aroma is light with a mild smokiness which also evokes thoughts of newly mown meadows.

Gunpowder Green Tea is a great get-up-and-go tea, marvelous first thing in the morning as well as into the heart of the day.

Gunpowder Green is available by 4 oz tin or by the pound. Wondering if you'll like it? Try a taste! Tasting samples are available for all our teas and good for two cups.

See Brewing Guidelines for more information.

Interested in purchasing more than a pound? We are always happy to partner with like-minded tea lovers to sell wholesale organic teas, perfect for restaurants, cafes, and bakeries.

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

Great tea for any time of the day-- highly recommend.

Gunpowder Green Tea

Great wake up tea in the morning! Wonderful flavor!

A Favorite

Gunpowder tea has always been my “go to” green tea. And I have tried a lot of Gunpowder tea from a variety of online tea companies to compare. What really makes a good Gunpowder tea is the smoke. Does the smoke enhance the tea or does it overpower the tea in a bad way? What I received from The Little Red Cup Tea Co. is some of the better Gunpowder tea. It’s a great pick-me-up tea for the afternoon. This website described it perfectly – robust with a slightly smoky flavor. I would definitely order this tea again.


Gunpowder Green Tea

So tasty!

You definitely don't want to over steep it but if you brew it just right its super good!

Load Up with Gunpowder tea

Gunpowder tea is one of the many excellent teas from Little Red Teacup. It is a green tea with a distinct flavor. I drink it plain, without milk, sugar or lemon, whereas my daughter-in-law enjoys it with a small spoonful of honey. Whatever you prefer, it is a very special tea.

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