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Gaiwan Gift Set

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Our sweet Yixing Gaiwan, and two matching cups.

The perfect size (150ml) for one or two people, this glazed Yixing Gaiwan is great as a simple, no frills brewing vessel. Outside unglazed yixing style clay.  Inside glazed white.

Two matching cups are each approximately 20ml.

The gaiwan was originally intended to be used for drinking tea, where you simply bring the cup to your lips and use the lid to prevent the leaves from entering your mouth. However, gaiwans are often used as a brewing vessel, with the decanted tea being served in a separate cup. The lid is held against the cup so that the leaves are filtered out. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Stephen S.
Great little gaiwan

This little gaiwan set is just right! My daughters especially love having tea time with the little cups!

Hakim N.
I use this every day

I love the Gaiwan as it provides a kind of aesthetic ritual for me in my morning routine. It takes a little getting used to how to hold the Gaiwan, but once you do you will notice you get more control out of the temperature, steeping time, and all other aspects of the brewing process. I highly recommend this Gaiwan set from Little Red Cup Tea Co.

Lovely gaiwan and cup set, both smaller than described

This is my second Little Red Cup gaiwan (needed one at home and one at the office)---upper edge of the gaiwan is generously tapered and the unglazed exterior means your fingers won't slip as you pour. This time I opted to get cups as well. My only complaint: the gaiwan and cups are both smaller than described in the "Product Details". Filled to the brim, the gaiwan holds 120 ml of water, and the cups hold only 20 ml (!). The lid of the gaiwan also rests inside, rather than sitting on the top, so if you pour more than about 90ml of water into it, the water comes up past the lid. The gaiwan size is perfect for me, but I am slightly disappointed the cups are so much smaller than described. I had hoped the two cups together would hold 1 steep of tea from the gaiwan, but they hold more like half.

Noah C.

Gaiwan Gift Set

Christian R.
Pretty Little Gaiwan

It is a beautiful little teacup with a nice texture to it. It is a it bit smaller than I find useful, so it will probably be a china cupboard decoration. If you don't brew and drink from the gaiwan, the size is likely to be just fine.

Anne S.
Tea Time is when ever you want!

I Will share your authentic healing tea with everyone I know who enjoys teas.