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Gaiwan Gift Set


Our sweet Yixing Gaiwan, and two matching cups.

Customer Reviews

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Gaiwan tea set

I really value this tea set! I’ve been using it at work and it’s elegant simplicity makes it a joy to use. The gaiwan fits perfectly in my hand. I hold the saucer, cup, and lid together one-handed with no problems. This set is just what I wanted and for the quality and price I doubt a better match is so easily available.


I absolutely love the Gaiwan set. It’s my first time using a gaiwan and totally changed the way I enjoy tea. I use to drink tea by making it with a tea bag but with the gaiwan I can make it the traditional way using the tea leaves. My wife is sticking to her tea bag regiment but I’ll soon make her a believer!!!

Glazed Clay Gaiwan Gift Set

I just wanted to take a moment to mention how much I'm enjoying my new gaiwan. I use it everyday at work when I'm making oolongs, black teas & pu-erh. I decided on a glazed set so that I don't need to worry about dedicating a porous clay gaiwan or yixing to a particular tea variety. I'm sure I'll move in that direction but for now, this gaiwan is perfect!

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