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Stainless Tea Flask

Stainless Tea Flask

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With 小红杯 (Little Red Cup) laser etched into the side, your Little Red Cup will never wear off.

Made from 18/8 stainless steel with copper vacuum insulation and threaded snap lid — this 16 oz insulated flask is rated to keep your tea hot for 12 hours and cold for 24.  It may be the perfect bottle.

Doesn't leak, fits beverage holders, and looks fine. 


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Stainless Tea Flask Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Marilyn S.
Keeping it Hot! ALL day long

This is the best flask I've ever used! I make my tea in the morning and it keeps it hot all day long.

Anna R.
Little Red Tea Flask

Love my red flask. Not only does it keep tea hot for a long time ; it is beautiful. Not bulky and best of all, it cleans easily.

Larisa L.
Stainless Tea Bottle

Nice-looking bottle. I use it a lot.

Favorite Tea Travel Mug

I am thrilled with my new tea Travel Mug. It keeps my tea delightfully warm, which is very important as we start to experience cooler days. I loved the complementary stickers that you added to the box. Nice touch!


This is a fantastic and lovely insulated cup! The first time I used it I made my tea early morning and it was still too hot for me to drink late afternoon. (Admittedly I have a hard time drinking too hot liquids) Gorgeous cup AND works wonders!

Susan W.
Mad love for this company

I love my bright red thermos! I keep my golden monkey tea in it and carry it to my studio. Keeps my tea warm for hours. Love the graphics especially on the tins.the selection of tea will keep me busy for a long time. Thanks

Micah B.
Just perfect

I am absolutely in love with this flask. It keeps everything hot for as long as I need it to be hot. I take two travel mugs to work with me and I drink from the other one first because it won't stay hot as long as this one. It's also a most delightful color for somebody who perfers blacks and reds (goth goth goth). Between this and the amazing teas, I can only recommend Littel Red Cup Tea Co. for all your tea needs.

Melanie S.

I love this cup! It is practical and stylish! The only thing I still need to work on is how hot my tea stays. I made some tea at 11am and it is still too HOT for me to drink at 3:30!

Beverly W.
It' beautiful

It's beautiful and I want to like it, but there are design issues: it actually does not fit into my car's drink holders and altho I might be the only person left who washes up by hand, I cannot get my hand into it. My little tea basket (which fits perfectly into a standard cup) doesn't fit inside it either; the opening is like 1/4" too small.
No complaints about the tea however; very nice.

My Favorite Thermos

I have used this thermos almost daily for the past two years, and it brings me so much joy. The color and design has not faded at all, and it has stood up to a couple of rough tumbles quite well. It keeps my drinks hot for over 8 hours and is easy to wash. I could not recommend this thermos more highly!