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Shou Pu'er

Origin: Yunnan


Our Fair Trade Shou Pu'er Tea (普洱) is grown and produced by members of the Wa minority in Lincang, Yunnan — about as close to the birthplace of tea as it's possible to get. This shou pu'er brews smooth and dark, silky and earthy with hints of vanilla. It's a lovely tea: mellow, moderate, and enormously pleasant.

Shou Pu'er is available by 3.75 oz tin or by the pound. Wondering if you'll like it? Try a taste! Tasting samples are available for all our teas and good for two cups.


Pu'er Steeping Guidelines

Please see our Brewing Guidelines for more information.

Interested in purchasing more than a pound? We are always happy to partner with like-minded tea lovers to sell wholesale organic teas, perfect for restaurants, cafes, and bakeries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane

I have not actually tried the tea yet. My book club read Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, so I bought the tea to serve at our book club meeting next week. I wanted to have tea from the Yunnan Province. I’m looking forward to trying it. Thanks

Smooth and Powerful

Such a lovely tea! This tea is very complex and grew on me throughout my first cup. This Shou Pu'er is powerful but carries itself slowly and ends lightly. So much flavor without any sharp acidity. Highly recommend!!

Interesting, mild flavor

I tried this black tea as an experiment and was surprised. With just a hint, it brings back fond memories of the happiest times I have had living on the coast of Maine where I met my husband.

Full flavored, none bitter black tea.

This is a much better black than other organics I have tried. I drink it without sugar, lemon, milk, etc, so that influences my opinion. Has a warm flavor, holds up well if I reheat my mug. I know, barbarians use mugs. But sometimes I don't want to enjoy the ceremonial pieces, I just want hot tea right now. 5 of 5 on my scale.

Shou Pu'er is deeply delicious!

I ordered samples of all of your tea. Shou Pu'er is my favorite. I had to order a tin Shou Pour right away, as I was longing for more.


Shou Pu'er

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