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Green Mao Jian

Origin: Hunan Province


Our special organic Green Mao Jian Tea (毛尖花), is an unusual mountain-grown tea from western Hunan Province. The tea is named for the abundance of tiny hairs covering the leaves when they are picked in the spring and for the sharply pointed shape of the leaves once rolled in the finishing process.

Green Mao Jian Tea is one of the most delicate green teas we have seen. Steeped normally, it produces a lovely pale green brew with meadow notes and light forest scents. A stronger brew may be obtained using more tea leaves, warmer water and a longer steep time. Even then, this tea is not bitter. An excellent tea for those who want to enjoy a green tea without the punch that so many ordinary greens carry.

Our Green Mao Jian Tea is pure whole leaf organic Chinese tea, Fair Trade certified and sublimely drinkable. A marvelous tea to accompany you throughout a busy morning and into the early afternoon, a tea both for the dedicated tea consumer and one for the casual tea drinker as well.

Green Mao Jian is available by 2.5 oz tin or by the pound. Wondering if you'll like it? Try a taste! Tasting samples are available for all our teas and good for two cups.

Please see our Brewing Guidelines for more information.

Interested in purchasing more than a pound? We are always happy to partner with like-minded tea lovers to sell wholesale organic teas, perfect for restaurants, cafes, and bakeries.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome my fav tea

Best tea ever

I’ve purchased from this tea company several times and I have never been disappointed. Their tea is fresh and I love the taste.


Green Mao Jian

My new favorite Tea!

This tea has a great mild flavor. I have since bought a tin for home and work to enjoy no matter where I am.

Green mao jian

Mild and soothing for someone who drinks multiple cups a day as part of my cancer preventive regimen. Happy to support a local business. Excellent service.

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