Three New Teas

September 16, 2013 1 min read

We've never aimed to be a giant company with hundreds of teas. On the one hand, only selling teas from Fair Trade certified cooperatives limits our choices tremendously (we think it's worth it), on the other, keeping that much stock on hand just seems like a lot of work (it doesn't seem worth it). Sometimes, fewer options make the world a simpler place. 

But! That doesn't mean that when we chose our first five teas, that was the end.  Far from it — we kept making contacts, kept going back to China, and kept drinking teas. Today I'm very excited to say that we've got three new teas on our digital shelves. Introducing, from left to right: White Monkey, Jade Oolong, and Green Mao Jian


Organic Fair Trade Chinese Teas


They're all from Western Hunan Province, an area (like all good tea producing regions) of breathtaking beauty, of misty mountains and (like many) a great swath of poverty. When I asked the head of the cooperative what they used the Fair Trade premiums for, he told me they'd first put in a modern concrete latrine, and then, when that was done, purchased a truck for the cooperative.

The teas themselves are each supremely delicious. I generally stick to one a day, but the White Monkey has been in heavy rotation in the house — perhaps this is evidence of a certain sweet-tooth but I swear it tastes like honey. I have no doubt that you'll enjoy these teas, as we have, on cool mornings and sunny afternoons, at home and away, alone and with friends. 


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