How we're going to use this blog

April 16, 2013 1 min read

We're going to do a couple things in this space, and I wanted to take the time to introduce them.  

First, we'll be posting news items. New vendors, new varieties. Anything exciting that happens, really. 

Beyond that, we're going to use this space to explore various themes revolving around tea and China. I (Martin) will be posting a couple times a month on the history of tea. But it'll be a shared space. Michael will be writing on China more generally. And the rest of the company will be chipping in when they find a spare moment.  

We'll still be using our tumblr blog share bits of culture and ephemra, but now they'll generally be linked to longer blog posts in this space. 

Have an idea for a blog post? Have a question you think deserves a public answer?  Get in touch!

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