Fall Update

November 24, 2014 2 min read

Back in Stock

Green Eyebrow and White Peony Teas are back in stock, woo hoo! Our cup now runneth over where these two are concerned, and we don't intend to run out again. In celebration, here's a image of an 18th century British etching. 


Fall Trip to China

We spent a few weeks last month in China — visiting friends, poking around tea markets, talking to tea growers, and eating dumplings. It was a lovely visit, and, surprisingly, we found ourselves with a weekend free of other commitments. Taking this as an opportunity to go somewhere we'd never been, we hopped on a fast train to Suzhou, an ancient city known internationally for its walled gardens (all former residences), and canals. We saw many gardens, sat in the little tingzi (a word often translated as pagoda, but really just a resting place, often four columns and a roof) and decided that, yes, indeed, it would be nice to live like this.


Because of the gardens and the canals, Suzhou is also a huge tourist destination inside China, and we walked along many narrow streets lined with shops for China's nouveau riche.  In one such store, amid essential oils and Taiwanese perfumes, we found a bottle of Doctor Bronner's Magic Soap, retailing for $30.


New Accounts

We are thrilled to announce that Cafe 8 oz. in Montreal, Quebec is the first Canadian cafe to serve our tea. It looks like a lovely spot, and if you're ever in the true city of bagels, you should be sure to visit them. We're already planning for a northern adventure of our own. 


We're similarly excited to be part of the newly opened Portland Food Coop on Congress St in Portland. It's a lovely store years in the making, and everyone in the area should go visit immediately. They'll be having a Grand Opening on December 10th. 


Shipping Cuttoffs

December 19th is the last day to order if you'd like tea by Christmas.  We'll be shipping pretty much every day between now and then, but please factor in 3 or 4 days for shipping. If there's some urgency to your order, please do add a note, and we'll do our best. 


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