A Visit To Wuyuan

May 01, 2014 1 min read

We went to WuYuan County in Jiangxi Province this month ahead of the first major tea harvests of the year to see how things were going. Taking the chance to renew our acquaintances, we checked in with the companies that supply your tea and chatted with the co-op managers, the factory processors and some of the tea pickers as well.

Despite the overcast skies typical of this time of year, we found things going well, with much anticipation for a good year. We found the tea plants healthy, the farmers putting more formerly forest land under organic tea cultivation. We found the factories expanding their equipment lines for the drying and processing of the tea. We found the women on the hillsides getting in a little early picking-- the office weigh station fragrant with the heady smell of fresh tea leaves. It was a marvelous visit, though as always, too short. We're excited about this year's crop of tea and look forward to making it available as soon as it's ready.

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