February 22, 2016 1 min read

Yesterday marked the worldwide celebration of the Chinese Lantern Festival — a celebration full of light, love, and sticky rice balls — a day that brings to a close the two-week long celebration of the Lunar New Year. Today train stations will be full, airports jammed, and roads slowed to a crawl as the last stragglers head home and life begins to return to normal.

As we settle into the Year of the Monkey, we are determined to do something special. Our commitment to Fair Trade tea and organic agriculture stems from a desire to do good in the world, and this year we plan to do a little extra.

All year long, 10% of profits from the sale of our White Monkey tea will be going back to the elementary school in Gaofeng Township — the home of the co-operative where this marvelous tea is grown and produced. 

White Monkey

OurWhite Monkey  is a mild green tea, without the astringency characteristic of many greens. It’s mellow, buttery, and aromatic — truly a fabulous tea. One reviewer called it: “a lovely, light tea that would fascinate seasoned tea drinkers, but also a friendly cup of tea for a new tea drinker to enjoy.”

Gao FengWhile the members of the cooperative sell their tea at a good profit, and they see additional funds coming in the way of Fair Trade premiums, the fact remains that theirs is a poor corner of a poor province. By committing to donate 10% of our White Monkey profits to their school, we think we can help make this a tremendous Year of the Monkey. 

Cheers and Gan Bei,

Your friends at Little Red Cup Tea Co.